Variable Parameter Pulsed High Voltage PSU

The parameter adjustable pulsed high voltage power supply, is a flexible bench-type power supply, capable of providing high voltage pulses, at adjustable pulse rates, as well as adjustable pulse shapes up to 30 kV @ 20mA.

Dimensions (WxBxH) (mm)

484 x 455 x 172

Weight 20 kg  
Input Supply 230V AC, 15 Amp  
Output Supply 1 to30kV @ 20 mA  
Output signals: Min Max
kV max 1kV 30kV
Pulse rise time 500 Ás 37.5 ms
Pulse duration 1.5 ms 15 ms
Pulse fall time

1.5 ms

37.5 ms
Pulse repetition period 7 ms*

254 ms

Pulse frequency 3 Hz

100 Hz

Load current 0 20 mA