Thyratron grid drivers

We have developed thyratron grid drivers for triggering single and dual grid thyratrons such as the EG&G (LS3229, LS4111, HY3025) and EEV (CX1625) or similar devices. More that 50 of the units have been produced, and are installed in laser systems on 5 continents world-wide. The circuits are reliable and come in rugged mild steel enclosures that can be mounted as OEM devices in your system. Supply to the units is selectable between 220 and 110VAC.

Trigger input to the units are 1mm plastic fibre optic receivers. Voltage grid outputs have selectable -150V bias supplies as standard. Output amplitude is 1600V with a 10-90% rise time of 70ns. Higher output voltage can be requested with your order. Current grid output amplitudes are half-sinusoidal and amplitudes of up to 100A can be provided. At amplitudes below 5A, square current pulses are provided.

Protection against short circuits, arcs or voltage transients form part of the units. Pulse repetition rates of 1kHz for dual grid units and 5kHz for single grid units can be achieved with our grid drivers.


Flexible Design                                                                     

The design of our grid drivers makes provision for factory adjustments to most parameters like the output voltage, output current, rise times and pulse width according to the customerís needs.

The design also caters for cascading of the units, creating single to multiple grid-driving circuitry with adjustable delays between the grid driving circuits. An optical output from the unit can be used for synchronising multiple cascaded units.