Pulsed CO2-laser circuitry

We are specialists in the design of all forms of pulsed high-voltage circuitry. Circuitry delivering pulsed currents in the tens of kA range and voltages up to 100kV are routinely designed by us.

These designs are used by our client in their pulsed CO2-laser systems, that are mostly exported to first world countries. The circuits typically make use of thyratrons, which are gas-phase switches and electromagnetic pulse compressors, which are non-linear transmission lines. The electrical design of these highly non-linear circuits, are carried out with numerical modelling, making use of our proprietary software. However, in these systems, it is not only the electrical design that is important.

We have also developed a solid state switch with a pulse compression stage, capable of replacing the thyratron driven pulse compression system, switching up to 15J on the front end (5J at the electrodes), with maximum operating frequency of 600Hz.

The mechanical layout of these circuits are critical to their operation, as parasitic circuit elements play an important role. Furthermore, the heat management in these high-power circuits is also crucial. Typically, forced liquid cooling is employed, which also requires careful design. We have a wealth of experience with all these mechanical design processes, including the knowledge of the specialised material requirements for long term reliable operation. For these designs we make use of 3D solid modelling software.

PDF Brochures:
Pulsed Power Systems Thyrathron Grid Driver High Voltage Measurement Probe
High Current Measurement Probe Solid State Switch