Pulsed X-Ray generator

Traditional X-ray generators makes use of DC high-voltage circuitry in order to power the X-Ray tube. Our client has developed a patented cold cathode X-ray tube which is much more robust than ordinary tubes.

This enables the tube to be used in fully portable, light weight x-ray applications. However, the tube requires pulsed voltages in order to operate.


We have developed a portable X-ray generator for our client with pulsed high-voltage circuitry that can produce modulated voltage wave shapes in excess of 100kV, with rise and fall times in the millisecond range and average power of 250W.  

This enables the generator to be used for X-ray florescence spectroscopy.  However, the same principle can be applied to an array of different applications.

Again, as in the case of the pulsed lasers, the mechanical design of the high voltage circuitry is crucial to successful operation of the system.  In this system we make use of SF6-gas at a pressure of 600kPa as an insulating agent. Furthermore, the lead screening of the x-ray tube in close proximity of the high-voltages was also successfully achieved.