Fire Suppression Electronics

The VFCP/SA control panel is a fire suppression system controller, specifically designed for use in automatic vehicle fire suppression installations. It monitors a heat detector circuit for fire signals.

The detector circuit can include an unlimited number of heat sensors, as well as manual push-button switches. An input for a pressure switch is also provided in order to monitor the pressure in the suppressant cylinder and hence the functionality of the suppression system. A set of voltage free relay outputs are provided for automatic vehicle engine shutdown purposes.

The panel triggers the fire suppression actuator automatically when receiving a fire signal and changes the state of the shutdown relay after an adjustable preset timing delay. All input and output wiring are continually monitored for faults that typically occur during operation in severe conditions or environments. A nickel cadmium battery is built into the panel to serve as a standby power source during times when the system is disconnected from the vehicle battery.

This standby battery will keep the fire protection operational for periods of up to one hour at a time, provided the battery is kept in good service. All circuitry and connectors are contained in an IP65 rated ABS enclosure with a single cable gland provided for all external wiring. A built in beeper audibly annunciates faults and fire conditions.

System faults are reported with an intermittent signal and fires with a continuous signal. Front panel controls comprise of a pushbutton switch to silence the beeper, one to manually extend the engine shutdown timing delay and one to dry-test the operation of the system. Status indicator LED's are provided for "System OK", "Fire", "Shutdown", "Silence engaged" and "Power failure". During standby battery operating conditions, all status indicator LED's are turned off except for the "Power Failure"-led.