Battery Management Unit

The Battery Management and Charging unit (BMU) was developed with the functionality of providing a zinc-air battery-‘managing’ device - making use of constant current charging. Therefor this unit is also well-suited for any other battery technology requiring constant current charging.

The main functionality of the ‘managing’ device is the controlling/managing of the amount of ampere-hours that was delivered from the battery, as well as managing the charging of the battery back to the correct level. The BMU software makes use of a menu structure allowing the user to define certain operating conditions for the battery.

The following parameters can be controlled:

- Maximum battery voltage

- Maximum load current

- Battery capacity

- Charging current

- Manual or automatic charging control/operation

- Minimum battery voltage

The keypad user interface is quite simple to use. The left and right buttons are used to scroll through the menu settings, the up and down buttons are then implemented to adjust the various control settings accordingly.

The enable and disable buttons will connect or disconnect the load to the battery supply under the conditions specified in the control settings. As soon as the unit is enabled, the up and down buttons are implemented for displaying the measured load and battery voltages or currents.